The New Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, More Energy in Just 10 Days

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Product DescriptionDr. Connie Guttersen originally created the Sonoma Diet To provide people with a satisfying, healthful, weight and above all, delicious way to lose. Now, her cutting-edge plan – inspired by the cuisines of the sun-drenched Mediterranean and California’s wine country – is better than ever. The New Sonoma Diet features the latest in nutritional […]

Healthy Cooking on the Cheap: Honey Barbecue Roast Chicken, Chicken Salad Sonoma, and More

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By? Jenna weber this might be one of the menus I Thriftier?’ve Posted! From one bag of dried beans and one large chicken, you can feed your family well in a tasty and nutritious way. First roast, your chicken on Sunday for a comforting family meal, and then use the leftover chicken to make a […]