7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet: Lose 20 Pounds

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Get slimmer and younger in just 7 short weeks! Banish the wrinkles and the fat with this delicious and – yes! – proven-to-work big time weight loss plan for men and women. It’s built on the foods science shows deliver cutting-edge anti-aging benefits. Adopt this easy-to-follow 7-week plan and you’ll have a leaner body as […]

How To Lose the Weight at a Plateau

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 Is this your situation? You observe a strict diet for several weeks, diligently doing gymnastics, but the scale suddenly freezes in place and refuses to move downward. Nutritionists gave this a great name, the plateau effect. So why is this happening and how can you continue to lose weight?   The plateau effect is actually not a disease […]

The Fast Diet is Britain’s New Favorite Way of Eating

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(CC) HealthGauge/Flickr     A new diet book has taken England by storm. Called “The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer,” it is based on the 5:2 ratio — eat whatever you please for five days a week and spend the other two fasting.   On fasting days, dieters will eat two meals […]