Blood Pressure: Young Hearts at A Higher Risk for Hypertension

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  High blood pressure accounts more than nine million deaths every year, including about half of all deaths due to heart disease and stroke, according to WHO. What is more shocking to hear is that- young people are at an equal risk of being a victim of high blood pressure when compared to older adults. […]

Pregnant Women With Bipolar Disorder May Have Higher Risk of Premature Birth

November 11, 2012 by  
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WEDNESDAY, Nov. 9 (HealthDay News)? Women with treated and untreated bipolar disorder are more likely to give birth prematurely? before 37 weeks? and have other pregnancy and birth complications, according to a new study. The study was published online Nov. 8 in the journal BMJ. People with bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic depression, experience extreme […]

Trauma Patients at Higher Risk of Dying of Hypothermia: Study

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FRIDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News)? People who suffer a traumatic injury are at greater risk of dying from hypothermia, according to a new French study. Hypothermia was defined as a body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Risk of death from low body temperature is higher among those with more severe injuries, the researchers found. They […]