The Microbiome Diet: The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

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Product DescriptionCutting-edge science has shown that the microbiome is the secret to healthy weight loss and to feeling healthy, energized, optimistic, and at the top of your game. The microbiome is a whole inner world that lives within your intestines—trillions of tiny microbes that help you extract the nutrients from your food, balance your mood, […]

Paleo Diet Made Easy: Basic Paleo Diet Facts for Beginners to achieve weight loss using proven Paleo Recipes and Paleo Eating Habits in just one week!

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Product DescriptionBasic Paleo Diet Facts for Beginners to Achieve Weight LossRead on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover the basic but important facts about the Paleo diet – how it evolved, why it works, who benefited from it and how you, too, can do the same. You will […]

Vegetarian Weight Loss: How to Achieve Healthy Living & Low Fat Lifestyle

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Product DescriptionWant to lose those extra pounds and live a healthy lifestyle?The best new vegetarian weight loss diet. Start today and lose weight instantly!Vegetarian Weight Loss is written for anyone who wants to lose weight fast while following one of the healthiest and easiest ways to eat! Not only will you start to feel great […]

Fast Metabolism Diet: Demystified – Achieve Rapid Fat Loss With 25 Metabolism Boosting Recipes

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Product DescriptionWhy Is The Fast Metabolism Diet So Effective For Weight Loss?Do you want to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks? Do you even believe that losing 5 pounds a week is possible? With the right healthy lifestyle and strategic eating plan anything is possible. The way to make it happen is to consume the […]

You Too Can Be 100% Diet Free and Achieve Your Desired Weight

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Filed under Diet Videos Want to discover how to lose weight without starving yourself? Eat whatever you want and live the life that you deserve? Then go for your FREE, NO DIET, 7 day kick start coaching course. You’ll discover the principles and techniques to eat what you love without guilt, to lose weight and to maintain that […]

The Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution: Do You Have the Metabolism of a Hunter or a Farmer? Find Out. . . and Achieve Your Health and Weight-Loss Goals

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Product Description?? Americans are overweight, and they? Re getting heavier. Other than wanting to perform invasive surgical procedures, most doctors offer little help. Their advice is usually? Eat less, exercise more? Which case back on the outdated dogma of calories in / calories out. Medical research on dieting is confusing and often contradictory. Not only […]

The Four-Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace

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Product DescriptionThe woman Psychology Today calls “the best-known life coach in America” shatters the myth that willpower is an effective weight-loss tool and introduces a revolutionary approach to lifetime leanness based on a series of “4-day wins” that work with any weight-loss program.This paperback edition includes an appendix where readers can complete the book’s many […]