See How Chrissy Teigen Sheds the Pounds

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chrissy-teigenChrissy Teigen may be best known for her career as a supermodel after gracing the cover of several Sports Illustrated covers, however, the candid model has revealed in the past that she has a strong connection with food, often posting a plethora of photos on Instagram of the various fattening meals that she eats. As fans wonder how Teigen manages to stay so slim for the modeling industry yet gets to eat as her heart desires, the model is revealing how she achieves her <a href=””>weight loss</a> goals in just five days on her own diet plan.

Inquisitr reports that Teigen opened up about how she maintains her sleek body, telling Elle magazine that her go-to tips for weight loss are working out, drinking juice and eating salads.

“I love taking the salads I get from those crazy organic delivery places and putting them on a plate and then roasting my own lamb to put on top I balance it well,” she admits.

However, when Teigen is desperate to shed the pounds quickly, the supermodel reveals, “If I did a diet I would do Paleo, except they have no cheese, which is very upsetting. I’m going to start my own Chrissy diet that’s like Paleo plus cheese.”

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