How To Lose the Weight at a Plateau

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How To Move The Weight From The Dead Point Is this your situation? You observe a strict diet for several weeks, diligently doing gymnastics, but the scale suddenly freezes in place and refuses to move downward. Nutritionists gave this a great name, the plateau effect. So why is this happening and how can you continue to lose weight?


The plateau effect is actually not a disease and is not a rarity. It’s nothing more than natural reaction to losing weight.


Review your menu
What do you eat more – carbohydrates, fats or proteins? Try to balance the diet, adding a useful complex carbohydrates (cereals, muesli, cereals, beans) and a little bit of healthy fats – such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are rich in fish (salmon, trout, tuna), as well as in linseed, olive and other vegetable oils – they can be used in pure form, a spoonful a day, or fill their vegetable salads.
Make the most of your workouts and vary your training plan, which will include both strength training and cardio.


Try the zigzag method
If you have long been strictly respecting 1500 calories per day, it is not surprising that the body is used to such conditions. You can move the plateau just two days, first sharply decreased and then increased the number of calories. Try to reduce them to 1200 calories, and the next, on the contrary, to increase to 1700 calories.


Include cardiovascular workouts
Cardiovascular workouts are useful for those who want to lose weight – they burn excess fat and tighten the body. Also, you can vary your cardio: it can be long walks, jogging, biking, and dancing.


Fasting days
If you have an established schedule of days or, for example, Wednesday and Friday, transfer them on a Tuesday and Thursday. If the weight began to walk away, but slowly, add another fasting day.


Do not forget that your diet should be plenty of vegetables and fruits. Do not forget to drink water; it will help cleanse the body of toxins. In the morning on an empty stomach or consume one tablespoon vegetable oil.

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