Eating Right with the New School Year

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myplateWith the start of the school year, it is important for children to stay healthy, starting with the foods that enter their body.

Whether students are packing their lunch or buying it at school , healthy choices are necessary to be able to focus and learn more at school.

According to Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department Nutritionist, Jennifer Habeb, teaching children healthy habits at home is the first step to ensuring kids make healthy food choices.

“The biggest problem that I see with healthy eating in children is the majority of children’s diet is high in sugar and fat. The most commonly eaten foods among children are pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, french fries and a lot of sugary drinks. So for parents that are trying to find some ideas to pack their children’s lunch always try to think of the my plate and try to get a variety of the food groups in there,” says Habeb.

She also said it is important that children wash their hands before they eat and often throughout the day to stay healthy.

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