Diet Tips – 5 tips to help you control your portions

May 9, 2014 by  
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25 Responses to “Diet Tips – 5 tips to help you control your portions”
  1. Liz Torres says:

    Id like to know how what you eat in a day looks. Like show exactly what you
    ate in a day. 

  2. karla bejarano says:

    i cook i lot but i dont know how to cook less since i cook for my family

  3. miniliefdex malai says:

    you are so cute and thankyou for your tips !!x

  4. Lotus Smith says:

    Great video! (you say like A LOT!)

  5. Anna Brown says:

    Im loving that jumper!

  6. rujet14 says:

    Haha I am Singaporean and I think this is quite workable. I think you live
    in a southeast Asian country because of the name daiso. Good luck on your
    videos I learn quite a lot.

  7. Tamara Alfaro says:

    I cook my own cereal bars, it is so yummy and healthy way to eat a snack

  8. xll momo says:

    i love your sweater!

  9. Renata Godinho says:

    love your videos =)

  10. Kalie Yan says:

    Gorgeous sweater!

  11. Saiorse11 says:

    Brilliant tips, but you use the word like way too much. . 

  12. Syria Dotten says:

    Your soo adorable!! :3 nyah~

  13. zheng maggie says:

    Where did you buy that sweater! I love it! T. T

  14. Cal M says:

    Useful tips! 🙂

  15. gretawonderland says:

    I really like your video! and also your hair!:) where did you get the pink
    dish? i can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  16. Momotami Cosplay says:

    n_n first

  17. Wengie says:

    Okies :)!!!

  18. Julie says:

    Wengie I feel you are so beautiful inside and out! This was so helpful,
    thank you girl! 🙂

  19. Wengie says:

    Maybe one day when I clean up :(! haha

  20. Tian Wang says:

    what’s the name of the asian market that you bought your utensils? Dietso?

  21. Sharmaine Nacino says:

    Please do a Qri/ Tia of Chocolat makeup and hair. you look like both of
    them youre like their love child or something!!!

  22. Ramona S says:

    My problem with portion control is that I can’t do it (I’m so pathetic. . )
    When I see food my brain automatically tells me to eat: “Eat! Eat a lot!
    It’s so good!” I never feel really full but when I do I feel so guilty. . . I
    can’t look at food without having the urge to eat it.

  23. AirsoftRandomReviews says:

    what job do you have Wengie?

  24. Helen Snow says:

    omg i love your videos :3 which editing programme do you use?

  25. vila phommasith says:

    so pretty 🙂

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