Clare Balding’s Diet Tips – Alan Carr: Chatty Man

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9 Responses to “Clare Balding’s Diet Tips – Alan Carr: Chatty Man”
  1. Andrew Truscott says:


  2. soilgrasswaterair says:

    He is soooo funny ” I know through the tears what you are saying”. 

  3. Mill lee says:

    Alan Carr: one of the the most underrated people

  4. RIXRADvidz says:

    Came back for a laugh and got more than just the one off the screen. . . . Good

  5. Stephanie C says:

    “sorry I thought I was back on the playground” This clip had me crying with
    laughter. . . Alan is hilarious

  6. laxman chaudhary says:

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    while. It is best to search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the internet as it isn’t
    just another fad diet where you starve yourself. 

  7. Alan Carr: Chatty Man says:
  8. lyn marie wilkins says:

    I love you alan x

  9. RIXRADvidz says:

    did everybody else run through all your ‘dry’ and ‘Nan at Christmas’
    jokes. . . . . turkey’s dry , seems everything is dry at Christmas, that’s why
    we have Nan ’round for the day. I dunno there’s a joke in there
    somewhere. . . 

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