Broccoli Diet

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The broccoli diet will help you lose weight up to 22 pounds. This diet is designed for 10 days. The menu includes five changes in nutrition, ie 2 days – the last second, etc. until the fifth of the regime – first regime, the next two days. The first six days of the diet is its main phase. The following is an additional four. The broccoli diet is an excellent source of vitamin C, Which speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. Well, broccoli is one of the most useful green vegetables.

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One Response to “Broccoli Diet”
  1. It should be noted, however, that the withdrawal of carbohydrates in the body, quickly produces a
    reduction in water retention and weight loss of the water in
    the body. Unfortunately, most of the ones we hear about on TV, in the store, or from various ‘experts’,
    are nothing more than gimmicks. Stick to your exercise routine and your diet, and you’ll
    get there.

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