Bill Burr – Laying Off The Booze And Diet Tips

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6 Responses to “Bill Burr – Laying Off The Booze And Diet Tips”
  1. Adilah Ahmad says:

    “. . . I dont give a shit about your degree in fucking salad dressing. ”
    He is so hilarious!!!

  2. PLANE JAIN says:

    @ 5:00. . sooo true. lol! !! Apple cider vinegar works wonders. . . 

  3. Positive Improvement says:

    Eggs and animal fat. Eat that in the morning instead of or with the oats
    and fruit and you’ll have a good day (as long as you don’t just sit around
    on the couch). You don’t need to deprive yourself to eat healthy. People
    who tell you that are usually trying to sell you something. Eggs and fatty
    meats are delicious and good for you. Combine that with shitloads of
    vegetables and fruit and maybe some nuts and you’re good to go. Oh, and
    don’t drink any kind of soda or fruit juice (unless it’s pure fruit juice)
    because it’s pretty much like just talking a spoonful of sugar. Terrible
    for you. Drink water, pure juice, and black tea of coffee. That’s all you

  4. Elgar T.W. says:

    Basically each end every one of us knows what to do. The difficult part is
    actually having the discipline to do it. 

  5. Adam Zettler says:

    High fat, low carbs, Mr Burr

  6. xcesarxramosx says:

    Sweet mothers milk!

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