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Great diet apps

A good, balanced diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to clean, healthy living. And apps can help you stay on the straight and narrow. For example, check out these eight great diet and nutrition apps that help you shop for healthy food, log your nutrition intake and help you pick and choose a healthy diet plan.
Fooducate (Android, iOS) helps you shop and eat healthy by allowing you to quickly pull up nutritional information about food products from barcodes, as well as by helping you make sense of nutritional labels. The app displays a letter grade from A-D, along with a quick summary of nutrition information in plain language, as well as healthy alternative suggestions. If users cook their own meals or eat out, you can also manually enter a meal’s nutritional information. In addition, the app also doubles as an intake, calorie and exercise tracker. A pro subscription removes ads and unlocks additional features.
MyNetDiary’s Calorie Counter Pro app(Android, iOS) is a comprehensive food scanner, nutrition log and exercise tracker. The app can scan barcodes for a product’s nutritional information, as well as the option to input custom foods and recipes, with tracking for up to 45 different nutrients. An exercise tracker allows users to enter more than 500 different activities, as well as the option for manual entry of calories burned, with time and distance tracking for walking. In addition, the app also includes planning features for dieters who want to set a target weight and plan out their eating and exercising habits, with the app helping plan out intake and activity for weight loss or maintenance.
Diet Point Weight Loss (Android, iOS) aims to help users pick the weight loss program that’s right for them. The app provides details for more than 130 different diets in varied categories, complete with detailed shopping lists and meal plans. The app also helpfully notifies you for mealtimes, to help avoid out of control craving and overeating. Whether you’ve decided to try out a low carb diet or want to go full-on caveman Paleo, Diet Point offers plans tailored for you.   A good exercise regime is nothing without a balanced diet to back it up.
MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) app helps you out on that front, functioning as an easy to use calorie and nutrients counter with a database that boasts more than 2 million foods (and it’s growing every day). Easily look up and track the foods you’re consuming with the help of a barcode scanner as well as a recipe calculator for inputting custom creations. Track exercises, set diet goals and sync your progress to myfitnesspal.com for free!
Lose It! (Android, iOS) is another excellent nutrition and exercise logging tool targeted at those looking to lose a few pounds. Simply enter a few details about yourself such as weight, height and goal weight, and the app will help you come up with a daily calorie budget. The app keeps tracking your food intake easy, with barcode scanners for grocery items, as well as an extensive database of dishes and restaurant meals. The app also has an exercise tracking feature, and can also sync data with other exercise apps to help log your routine.
HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder (Android, iOS) helps you stay on your diet even when you’re going out or ordering delivery. The app helps users find healthy restaurant dishes and prepared grocery items nearby, and supports a wide variety of diet plans. The app comes with a wealth of diet and food filters, allowing you to filter by cuisine, ingredients or type of dish. You can also view detailed nutritional information on each meal where available. It’s a great option when you don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal of your own.
  Fat Secret App  
Calorie Counter by FatSecret (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) offers a solid package of tools for calorie conscious dieters: a barcode scanner for food nutritional info, a food and exercise diary, a weight chart, and meal and recipe ideas. Additionally, users can also sync their data online to their FatSecret account to access online and across multiple devices.   The Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Paleo, Caveman, or Stone Age Diet, is a diet plan that aims to copy the diet of our early human ancestors as closely as possible using modern food. The Primal Paleo app (Android, iOS) helps users make sense of the basics of the Paleo Diet by providing them with a list of “primal” foods and ingredients, more than 400 recipes, as well as exercises, tips, and other resources for living the paleo lifestyle.

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